Alan Richard Colley

Alan Richard Colley ~ Board Member

Outreach and community liaison for SUN, The South Umpqua Network





Alan Colley brings a wide range of experience in both corporate and non-profit organizations. He has an extensive resume of consulting and managing projects with both small and large groups internationally. He has worked with a broad spectrum of interests across the country, in Europe, Central America and the Pacific Rim. He has worked with non-profits, both in the capacity of development director, as well as a volunteer, to raise money to forward their work. And, he believes we can do this here, as well.

He has completely fallen in love with the South Umpqua Basin and its people. Since moving to Southern Oregon he has focused this energy and love on raising awareness of the skills and talents of people, and how communities of any kind can create and define their futures. His creative eye facilitates the empowerment of our communities and its individuals in a context of ecological sensitivity; a highly valued asset that strengthens the SURCP Board of Directors. He initiated and maintains the Tiller, Oregon Facebook page, Tiller Town Hall meetings and is reaching out to our neighbors to showcase their skills. He firmly believes that our future is brilliant with hope and prosperity.

He may be the new kid on the block, but working with his fellow seasoned board members is one of his best jobs yet.