Education Committee


SURCP has been deeply involved in local and regional education efforts. Our region has a rich history of natural resources and ecological treasures. From its inception SURCP has been in the process of learning and publicizing what the organization and community has discovered. One of the most rewarding efforts of our organization has been this process. The end result has been the development of a network of individuals and academic institutions focused on preserving what we can of our community and environmental heritage.

Much of the economic and social foundation of our region has been rooted in resource extraction and agricultural endeavors. This has had positive and negative results. SURCP’s education committee has as its mission the capturing of those elements of traditional knowledge, skills and history that built the region up. New and powerful tools, both for restoration and management, are available to us to mitigate the impact of our lack of knowledge of natural processes in the past. Academia, Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge need to be merged and disseminated for us to take advantage of their benefits.

Student Education Initiatives

Since 2010 the education committee has been engaged in teaching aquatic habitat restoration, salmon life history and river process studies at local school. The Tiller Elementary School Salmon Initiative and the Days Creek Charter School River Studies programs have been great experiences for children and adults alike. The center piece of these programs has been salmon recovery and riparian zone restoration. Regular field trips and the use of science based instruments to analyze life in and near our rivers and streams is broadening the understanding of students to the possibilities and responsibilities we have in relation to our environment.

Carrier Paths Intiative

Currently SURCP is collaboratively working to develop a network of natural resource carrier programs for South Douglas County. The Umpqua Community College has recently establish a Natural Resources program in agreement with Oregon State University paves the way for students interested in a carrier in natural resources to make a seamless transition from K-12, UCC and OSU.