SUN - South Umpqua Network

The South Umpqua Network committee (S.U.N.) serves to develop the economic prosperity of the upper South Umpqua River basin. Key to its purpose is to awaken our community to the economic potential already here, as well as to develop new potential based on the rich diversity of our region.
We do this by
Showcasing the skills and talents of our neighbors in the community.
Hosting collaborative conversations, like Town Hall meetings, to develop and act on strategies to take advantage of our existing community infrastructure.
Creating a media presence via websites, Facebook (Tiller, Oregon) and local print and broadcast outlets about the activities and potential of our region.
Producing events and festivals that shine light on our talents and skills - crafts, art, food, metalwork, woodworking, etc., (SEE Tiller, TASTE Tiller, HEAR Tiller) as well as on existing industries like timber and farming to attract tourists and others willing to invest in our region.
We recognize that existing industries in our region remain vital, and continue to be significant sources of income for many in our region. Our intention is to create additional alternative income opportunities for those unable to find employment in the traditional industries.
We invite you to participate in this work. If you wish to get involved, please contact Alan Colley at