Our Mission and Vision



To protect, restore and maintain our communities in the context of a healthy environment through good stewardship practices and collaborative interaction.


SURCP is a community based 501(c)(3) dedicated to restoration ecology and sustainable stewardship in the South Umpqua river basin. We are very active in constructive collaborative restoration projects with many partners. These mutlifaceted projects and initiatives are supported by SURCP Directors and community members through our organizational committees and the collaborative process. The goal of our service is that ecological, environmental, social and economic stability is established in our region.

What We Do:

Exploring. Learning. Establishing long term good stewardship practices as people of "place". The South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership (surcp.org) facilitates community based initiatives focused on the ecological and social issues of the South Umpqua river basin.  2/3 of the geographical area of our County is managed by the Federal government in the form of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and the USFS (United States Forest Service). Our watersheds are forested and have been managed with a heavy hand of resource extraction in the past. The impact of that past management has resulted in species coming under the jurisdiction of the Endangered Species Act. It has also resulted in extreme fire hazards due to years of fire suppression. The responsibility of solving these problems has largely fallen on the shoulders of the agencies. SURCP was formed to allow our communities and regional stakeholders to interact with and support the agencies. We also engage with the agencies to interject an interface of community self determination with regard to our watersheds.

How We Do It:

Collaboration and mutual support are the main tools for successful stewardship within SURCP as an organization. Community members, as individuals or groups, work together with conservation organizations, businesses and government agencies to pool our resources under the umbrella of our 501(C)(3) status to bring projects to successful completion. We encourage the development of innovative private business solutions to resolve the complex restoration issues and public needs surrounding our region.

Why We Do It:

The legacy of the cultural and natural richness of the South Umpqua river basin is legendary. We have made a record of elders in our community. They have described the abundance and complexity of life of this region in the most amazing terms. The fish runs, the wildlife and the forests that made up the historic past have radically changed. They also make mention of ecological decline. Our strength to drastically alter our surroundings has outpaced our understanding of how to interact with the natural world. Good stewardship helps remedy this problem.

We  Work Together:

Society at large has acknowledged the need to restore the quality of our forests, water and air. The intrinsic values of watersheds are greater than the sum of the resources extracted from them. The health of our society as a whole is founded on a reciprocal sustainable interaction with our environment. We work together to fix what we have broken in a spirit of cooperation and learning. We try to bring into our plan of action the skill sets and assets that the residents and communities  in our region have within them and apply them to revitalizing the Umpqua basin.