South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership


Our Projects

We’ve been busy! Over the course of the past two decades SURCP volunteers have devoted themselves to a plethora of projects dedicated to societal and environmental health. Below we have a sampling of our many efforts. SURCP has facilitated millions of dollars of grant funds to these unique endeavors on a completely voluntary basis. Countless hours of community engagement have resulted in long term successful results across a broad spectrum of ecological and social objectives. Please consider donating and or volunteering in our work. If you have a particular interest that you believe needs to be addressed don’t hesitate to contact an organizational member to explore the possibilities.

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SURCP’s inception was born of ecosystem restoration. This included both aquatic and terrestrial projects. Select this button to look them over.

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Education Programs

Over the course of five years SURCP has partnered with various educational institutions and agencies to theĀ  promote understanding and stewardship of the natural world.

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Healthy Environment Action League

This committee was specifically formed to address the use of pesticides. They have a very serious deleterious impact on the environment and on human health.


Friends of the Rogue Umpqua Wilderness Divide

FRUWD was instituted as a SURCP committee dedicated to the upkeep of the trails of the Rogue Umpqua Wilderness and Umpqua National Forest.

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Tiller Trails

Tiller Trails is a unique program instituted as a series of expert guided educational tours covering various aspects of the natural world of the South Umpqua.

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Beaver Advocacy

The Beaver Advocacy Committee (BAC) has been dedicated to the revitalization of ecosystems by restoration beaver ecology for many years.

Umpqua Biochar Education Team

The Umpqua Biochar Education Team (UBET) has successfully engaged citizen scientists, garden enthusiasts and agency personnel in workshops advancing the creation and utilization of biochar.

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South Umpqua Network

The South Umpqua Network (SUN) was formed for the express purpose of promoting public expression of the South Umpqua rich cultural and community interests.

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Carl C Hill Park

Carl C Hill Park has a rich history as a meeting place for regional community members. The project soon came under the Umbrella of SURCP.

Radio Projects

SURCP has supported both public and amateur radio emergency services (ARES) for our region. This page will lead you to our ARES and Podcast projects.