South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

Stanley Petrowski

Stanley Petrowski

Current and past administrative positions:

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership – Co-founder
SURCP is a community based collaborative 501(C)3
President and Director 2006 – 2022
Restoration Committee
Beaver Advocacy Committee
Umpqua Biochar Educational Team Committee

Umpqua Watersheds Oregon Based Regional 501(C)3 Conservation Organization
of Directors 2009 – 2020
President 2014 – 2019
President 2011 2014
Chair: Restoration Committee
Member: Radio Station Committee KQUA-lp

Host: Radio Active Restoration Show – Radio show dedicated to restoration ecology and the revitalization of the natural world.

Native Fish SocietyNative Fish Conservation and Restoration of the Pacific Northwest 501(C)3
Fish Society River Steward for the South Umpqua River 2009 -2022

Lomakatsi Restoration Project Ecological and community revitalization 501(C)3

Vice Present 2017-18
Board of Directors 2011-2018
Lomakatsi Community Liaison 2007-2011

Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers Douglas County Watershed Council 501(C)3
of Directors 20042016
from 20092011
elect 20072009

Tiller Rural Volunteer Fire Department
Board of Directors 2011– 2022

Notable Activities and Accomplishments Recognitions:

Southwestern Oregon Regional Resource Advisory Council from 2016-2018

Rogue Umpqua Resource Advisory Committee Standing member from 2007-2017 of the Forest Service USDA

The Native Fish Society River Steward of the Year 2017

Oregon Senate Bill 3 (Suction Dredge Reform Bill to protect 24,000 miles of Salmon habitat in Oregon rivers and streams)

USDA 2014 Rise to the Future Award: See attached below

American Fisheries Society Fisheries Team of the Year Award 2008

Umpqua Watersheds Conservationist of the Year Award 2009

Accomplishments and Commitments:

Oregon State University Master Watershed Stewardship Certification

Collaborative participation in the USFS Planning Rule Revision process in Washington DC and Regionally on behalf of Conservation and Watersheds.

Science Class of Days Creek Charter School – River Studies Science Program

Developed the Tiller Elementary School Tiller School Salmon Initiative science studies program.

KQUA radio station initiative. Station oversight and Radio Active Restoration Show program host.

Retained a position on the Douglas County Forest CouncilCommunity and Conservationist representative

Collaborative participation in the Dept of the Interior BLM forest management program.

Managed the Region 6 Boulder/Dumont Stewardship Demonstration ProjectRestoration Ecology in the Umpqua National Forest Late Successional Reserve

Collaborative Development and Implementation of the South Umpqua Elk Creek Salmon Habitat Restoration Project with local, Tribal and agency participation.

Initiated and coordinated the biennial internationally recognized State of the Beaver Conferences of Oregon to promote ecological restoration through beaver ecology.

Initiated a collaborative effort to address the South Umpqua Basin Formosa Mine Super Fund Site.

Collaborative development of the Umpqua Watersheds Restoration Principles paper.

Douglas County Oak Partnership. A county wide collaborative effort to preserve and restore oak habitat. 95% of oak habitat in western Oregon has been removed due to development.

Former Member of Umpqua Forestry Coalition

Personal Information:

Vietnam War Veteran:

I am a volunteer Vietnam war veteran who served in the United States Army from 1964 -1967. I enlisted and served from ages 17-20 and received an honorable discharge after my three years of service. Of that three years I spent 1 ½ years on Okinawa and 1 year in Vietnam.

Agriculture and Conservation:

My wife of 46 years and I have owned and managed small ranching operations for over 40 years in remote mountainous areas. We own a natural fiber cottage industry that produces value added products for international consumption. All of our efforts have been guided by careful and resource sensitive best practices management methods. We partnered with the USFS to develop an extensive and successful aquatic habitat restoration project on our holding.

Oregon Chapter American Fisheries Society
Fisheries Team of the Year
Portland, Oregon 2008 –Fisheries Team of the Year awarded to Jeff Dose, Casey Baldwin and Stanley Petrowski.
As a result of an extensive collaborative aquatic habitat restoration project to restore Endangered Species Act listed Coho salmon habitat the AFS awarded the team the Society’s Western Division Fisheries Team of the Year award. The project restored 3.8 miles of critical Coho spawning habitat and riparian buffer vegetation. 


Americaan Fisheries Society Award
Award accepted for the team by Stanley Petrowski

USDA News Release
Stanley Petrowski Receives Forest Service
Award for Commitment to Watersheds

Roseburg, OR- May 26, 2015 – Stanley (Stan) Petrowski was recognized for his dedication to watershed restoration in the Umpqua Basin. Stan was a recipient of the 2014 Rise to the Future Award for Private Citizen Commitment to Watershed Restoration. Stan was presented the award in Washington, D.C. Rise to the Future awards are presented to individuals working on fisheries, hydrology, soil science, and air programs. Stan’s long-time commitment has had a profound effect on aquatic habitat, politics and small community stability within the Tiller area.

His unwavering commitment to sensible land management and sustainable use practices, combined with an astonishing number of volunteer hours is inspiring,” said Bob Nichols, Supervisory Fish Biologist at the Tiller Ranger District. “When trust was low with the Forest Service, Stan allowed restoration on his ranch. Now, large numbers of Coho spawn in that reach of the river,” continued Nichols. “Stan is an unwavering force for resilient communities and healthy watersheds. His work needed to be recognized so Tiller Ranger District employees were excited he was selected from the field of nominees,” said Nichols.

In conjunction with his work toward watershed restoration, Stan is active in many aspects of his community. He has served as president of the South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership since its inception. In addition, he’s the President of Umpqua Watersheds, a regional conservation organization. He was the President of Partnership for Umpqua Rivers for a term. Stan is the South Umpqua River Steward for the Native Fish Society. He was chair of the Umpqua Resource Advisory Council in 2014 and he is currently a member of the USFS Rogue-Umpqua Resource Advisory Committee. He is on the SW Oregon BLM Resource Advisory Council also. Additionally, he’s active on the Board of the Lomakatsi Restoration Project and a member of the Northwest BioChar Working Group, the Oregon State Beaver Working Group along with other active commitments. Stan’s leadership and his genuine concern for community and the ecological health of the area inspire many people in the community.

Stan Petrowski accepts his 2014 Rise to the Future Award for Private Citizen Commitment to Watershed Restoration in Washington, D.C.
From L-R: Mary Wagner, Associate Chief of the Forest Service, Tom Tidwell, Chief of the Forest Service, Stanley Petrowski, and Robert Harper, National Director of Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants for the Forest Service