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South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

Tiller Ranger District Station Closure
Community FOIA Request Documents

A large group of concerned citizens were in opposition to the closure of the Umpqua National Forest Tiller District Ranger Station offices on the basis of deferred maintenance costs. Out of this concern they requested that Bruce Gordon, SURCP Board Member and community liaison,  make a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to the US Forest Service regarding the closure. The following documents are the response to this FOIA request from the Forest Service. 97 high resolution images and two videos were also included in this response from the Forest Service. Information related to access to these photos can be found at the end of this page.

Folder 1
2012 Water-Wastewater Engineering Report 
USFS Tiller Ranger Dist Water Study – Final.pdf
2014 PRV Water Damage
100114_Tiller RS Emergency Leak2.pdf
Summary of costs for PRV emergency 2014-2015.pdf
2017 Wastewater Design
DEQ Memo – Final 2.pdf
Final Construction Estimate.pdf

Asbestos Inventory
Tiller Asbestos.pdf
Tiller Bldg 1210 Asbestos.pdf

The Following are a series of assessment reports on various aspects of the Ranger Station. Each PDF is a unique individual document  available for download or viewing. If any of the document links are not working please contact 541-825-3070 and leave a message.

Condition Assessment Reports

Folder 1 Documents Cont.
Tiller 19_Facilities Inspection.pdf
Tiller Ranger Station Site with dates 10-22-19.pdf
Tiller 2016 – 2018 Rent Revenues Estimates.xlsx

Folder 2
CIP – Fire Warehouse
R615_UMP_Tiller Fire Warehouse BCT with ES.pdf

CIP – Tiller Water

Deferred Maintenance – Tiller Administrative Site

List of CIP requests in 2018
Folder 2 Cont.
Tiller Infra DF Maint Report.pdf

Folder 3
FOIA Reply_Item 3_20210727.docx

Folder 5
20170406-AGPMR Advisory 16-01 Space UR Policy Rev1.pdf
Tiller Infrastructure Review.docx

The FOIA request produced 250 MB of photos and two video clips depicting the stations damaged condition. Most of these images are evident in the PDF documents.  High resolution versions of the images are also available by sending a thumb drive and a self addressed postage paid envelope to:

Attend: FOIA Documents
34620 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, Oregon 97484

The gallery below display med resolution versions of the images. Select any image and a larger representation will appear for your viewing.